January19th: East St. Louis Mutual Aid, pt.2


After a successful Mutual Aid event at Da’ Crib Community Center in East St. Louis, Il, RealDemocracyNow and Food-NotBombs StL have been requested by the community to do a follow-up event.  RSVP on Facebook, HERE:

Join Us, again, on Saturday January 19th from 1pm-5pm at

Da’ Crib Community Center
1600 Cleveland
East St. Louis, Il

Food-NotBombs StL is proud to team up oncemore with RealDemocracyNow to bring you The Peoples’ Kitchen, serving hot & nutritious meals to anyone who asks; FREE-of-charge.  Take whatever you need from our REALLY-Free Market, featuring personal hygiene items, clothing and winterwear, blankets, household appliances and gently used toys for the kids.  And feel free to take some knowledge with you, too, from our Peoples’ Library.

This is an all-ages, family friendly event.

If you know someone in need, bring them.
Have something to give? Donate.
Have time on your hands? Volunteer.

See You There…


About realdemocracynowstl

Who Are We? We are the 99%... We are the youth, & we are the elderly We are ALL colors We are ALL religions Women and men We are trades-persons, thinkers artists and toilers We are workers, retirees, and those who’d give anything for a chance to work… We are the working poor and the impoverished, the homeless and the hungry We are the fed-up, the besieged… And We Are OUTRAGED! What do we stand for? Real Democracy, NOW stands for exactly what the name implies: we are a grassroots initiative for Direct, Participatory Democracy; by which we mean Political, Social and Economic Democracy & Justice. We take inspiration from the Solidarity of the global movement for democracy , dignity & self determination and global struggles against austerity & authoritarianism in the Arab Spring; the Spanish Indignados; the fight for land and water resources in the global South; for workers’ rights in China; the successful debt strike in Iceland, and the Occupy movement in Wall St., across America and around the world. We advocate and support grassroots organizing, direct action, retaking the commons, community outreach, self-organization, responsible autonomy and creative tactics for resistance. We stand for the OUTRAGE of the youth, burdened by debt and facing bleak prospects in an increasingly volatile and chaotic world; as well as our elders, who have watched their life’s work and all the promised securities and social safety nets slashed and gambled away by big banks and finance capital. We stand for the betrayal of hard working families, who are forced to work harder-for-less in a nightmarish race to the bottom, with no end in sight. We DEMAND Freedom, Dignity, Self-Determination, and a world of our own design! A REAL Democracy. REAL democracy is being rediscovered in practice in Affinity Groups, Community and General Peoples’ Assemblies around the world, as participants in this movement bring democracy back where it belongs; out of the gilded halls of wealth, power & corruption, and back into the public square. A whole generation is learning the true meaning of democracy: demos = people, krátos = governance. A true democracy begins with the people themselves, speaking and listening with one another face-to-face in their own communities. Real Democracy, NOW supports horizontal, non-hierarchical decision-making through direct, participatory processes which seek maximum participation, input, and ownership by all stakeholders in the community. Every community will construct its own model for decision making, as can be seen in the General Assemblies from Tahrir Square to the Puerta del Sol; from Wall St. to Zuccotti Park to Union Square and Syntagma Square. RDN is a leader-LESS movement in that we have no elected or appointed leadership, no vertical power structure and no one ideological directive or imperative. We are a leader-FULL movement in that we acknowledge and celebrate the ability everyday people to take the lead in finding better solutions to organizing our day-to-day lives; our communities; our civilization and all the challenges facing humanity today. We encourage all peoples to find new and creative ways to resist and challenge all forms of oppression; and to build better alternatives within our communities, together. When no-one is the leader we are ALL leaders. While many of us may come from one ideological, philosophical, spiritual or political background or another, Real Democracy, NOW does not seek the support of-or take action in direct support of the mainstream political parties, their elected or appointed politicians, officials & candidates. We reject the influence of the parties, the propaganda mouthpieces and the authorities of the 1%. Being as We-The People have found, by our own living experience, that the interests of the 1%, represented and advanced by their constructs of governance and control, to be in direct conflict with our own interests we do not consent to be governed by their un-just system. We disavow and resist efforts by these establishment entities, their agents and supporters to co-opt, control or repress a genuine grassroots expression of REAL Democracy, from below. We seek consensus within our communities and in our decision making to form a movement truly For, Of and By The People; the 99%. We stand for and DEMAND a REAL Democracy; Here and NOW! Divided we ALL fall… but United we are UNSTOPABLE; Another world IS possible!
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